Scalp Massage to Soothe Anxiety

Scalp Massage to Soothe Anxiety


Stress gets the best of all of us sometimes, and having healthy ways to cope with it is imperative to maintaining our mental health.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, so it’s no surprise if you’ve been feeling more anxious than usual.

It’s important to remember that you can’t do everything, but also that it’ll be easier to show up for yourself and others if you make intentional time for self-care. 

For this scalp massage, all you’ll need is your fingertips. If you want to add a little extra you can incorporate your fave smelling essential oils, set up the ambience with candles and music, or whatever else that allows you to feel calm.

If you’re noticing that your hair and scalp are looking and feeling a little dry these days, you can make this a moisturizing treatment as well by adding some oil to your fingers as you massage. 

How to Self-Massage for the Scalp 

Step 1 - Set up your surroundings so you feel calm and ready to focus on yourself. Add your essential oils to your palm and rub both hands together to warm up the oil. Bring your palms to your face and take a few nice, deep breaths. 

Step 2 - If you’re using oil, you can add the oil from the bottle directly to your scalp in the dry spots that need it or onto the bristles of your brush, remember a little goes a long way! Start to brush through your hair to remove any tangles, (if your hair is very curly, you can omit this step), and then onto a paddle brush. These bristles will invigorate your scalp, apply medium pressure as you brush. 

Step 3 - At this point, you can add more oil to your hands while we move through the first technique called ‘the scratch’. With quick-moving fingers, start to scratch your whole scalp as if you were removing a big itch. Try to ensure you are touching your whole scalp, from the hairline to the base of your neck. 

Step 4 - Next, using both of your palms, rub your head in a circular movement. This is a great time to roll your head and neck, getting a nice stretch as well. You can do this for as long as you want. 

Step 5 - Now, use your fingers to rake through your hair as if you were about to put it up into a ponytail. Starting at the front of your head, run your fingers back through your hair and squeeze at the end. Try dropping your head back at the end when you squeeze to release some neck tension

Step 6 - Spend some extra loving at the base of your neck by rubbing small, relaxing circles while maybe dropping one ear to one shoulder. Try also pulling upward and downward after your circles.  Experiment with using one or both hands, as well as how much pressure you’d like. 

Step 7 - Come back to raking the hair through your fingers, and then place your thumbs at your temples and your pointer fingers at the hairline, applying gentle pressure and making small circles.

Step 8 - To finish it off, use both palms to rub the hair back and any other last touches that feel good. 

This is such a nice and quick way to relieve stress and connect back to your body. After your massage session, you might want to hop into the shower and shampoo the oil out of your hair and move on to a nice conditioning treatment. Remember, you deserve it!


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