How to Change your hair parting

Posted on September 01 2020, By: Morgan Roy

How to Change your hair parting

Quarantine has got a lot of us itching to shake things up in our lives, whether that be in relationships, career, or aesthetic. Changing up your look can sometimes feel like it requires something dramatic, like a radical cut or a major colour change, but applying expert techniques when it comes to a hair part has the potential to freshen up your entire face and satisfy that sense of newness you’ve been craving. And the best part is, you can do it yourself for free without being locked into it if you change your mind.


First things first, let’s look at how face shape plays a crucial role in determining what part will suit you best. To assess your face shape, part your hair down the centre and then pull the front strands out of your face with your hands or with a clip. Now you’ll be able to fully see the 3-quadrants of your face that’ll allow you to see its shape:  

  1. Top of the head to the centre of the eyes
  2. Bridge of the nose to below the cheekbones
  3. Below the cheekbones to the jaw 

You can look at yourself in the mirror and take a rough estimation of what you see to find your face shape, pull out a tape measure for exact measurements, or look at a photo of yourself looking straight onto the camera. Keep in mind that in addition to the quadrants, you’ll also want to consider the width of your entire face. For example, if your forehead is bigger than your chin you might have a heart shaped face while an equal forehead and chin size will be more square. The length of your face can help you get more specific about your shape, like if you have an oval face or a round face, because oval is slightly longer than the other.  Please know that every face shape imaginable is beautiful and that finding your shape is only a guideline in finding a part that works. 

Face Shape Examples

My recommendations for parts based on face shape are: 

  • Round   - part on the side (above the arch of the eyebrow) on a diagonal to the top of the head.
  • Oval  -  any parting will look nice, however if your features are very asymmetrical try a parting just off center.
  • Square  -    Side part or slightly off center 
  • Rectangular  -     Middle part or bangs (any style)
  • Diamond  -   Middle part 
  • Heart  -    Bangs or middle part 
  • Pear -     Far side part (at the recession) taken on a diagonal. 


Here’s an expert tip you might not know about centre parts that I want to share. Because centre parts accentuate the centre of the face, they really suit symmetrical faces (but not everyone has one of those, right?) You can cheat the symmetry of your face by offsetting your part just slightly to create the illusion of a perfectly symmetrical face! 


Side parts also have a trick that’s worth mentioning. Because hair grows in a circle, when you part your hair to the side, you’ll notice that one side will lay flat while the other has more of a lift and volume. Keep this in mind when choosing which side to part depending on what you’re into. 




After you’ve figured out your face shape and played around with a part that suits and excites you, it’s time to make it stay put. So many people think that they have a natural and stubborn hair part that can’t change, but it’s actually very possible to take any parting out of your hair to try a different one. 


Your best friend for retraining your part will be a spray bottle with water and your fingers!


Step 1: Use water to mist down your natural part

Step 2: Rub your fingers along the watered part to wake up the root of the hair so it’s easier to work with 

Step 3: Place your part where you want it to be using a comb (MRB Ultimate comb for medium to fine density and MRB width tooth tail comb for high density hair) 

Step 4: Spray a mist of water down the part and use your fingers to rub again 

Step 5: Use a blow dryer and a brush to keep your new part in place 


Re-training your part may take a bit of time, from a few hours to a few days, so don’t worry if your part seems stubborn to stay at first. Have fun and play around with your new look for as long or as short a period of you like! 


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