Choosing the right hair accessory for your wedding day

Choosing the right hair accessory for your wedding day

The right wedding hair accessory does a lot more than keep your locks in place, it can be the touch that completes the aesthetic story you’re trying to tell.

There are enough stressful details to consider when planning a wedding, so why not make your hair journey something to get really excited about and enjoy?

I’ve combed through hundreds of accessories to bring you a small, carefully chosen collection that can truly work for any bride with any hair type. 

Finding Inspiration

I can’t recommend Pinterest enough for creating a mood board for your wedding hair look. You’ll be able to sift through different hairstyles, accessories, and how the two are paired together.

Remember to consider the details of your dress like it’s neckline, shade, and style. Your stylist might also be able to assist and provide their own expertise in regard to what style and accessories would best suit your gown.

I have always been drawn to classic styles, and so when creating this collection it was an easy decision that I would incorporate a range of accessories that feature pearls and cubic zirconia.

Accessories that feature these two items are incredibly versatile and can be layered, mixed, and matched to create an aesthetic that you’ll love long after your wedding day. 

Choosing The Right Accessory

When speaking to your stylist, they’ll be able to tell you what kinds of accessories are needed in order to keep your style in place all wedding long.

Most commonly, a few bobby pins will be required at the very least, so this is a great opportunity to find some that not only serve for function but also style. Of course, accessories can also be used simply for aesthetics and not to keep a style in place. 

Accessory Types 

All of the accessories in my collection are available in both a pearl and cubic zirconia version, some in gold and some in silver. Feel free to play and get creative! 

Bobby Pins

cubic zirconia bridal hair pin

Bobby Pins can be used to help hold styles like buns and half up/half down looks, and also aesthetically in a fully hair down look for example. The collection includes very simple bobby pin styles that feature a single pearl or single cubic zirconia, as well as more intricate bobby pin versions including: 

  • A row of same size pearls
  • A 3 row column of same size pearls 
  • A column of pearls in varying size 
  • A short row of cubic zirconia
  • A long row of cubic zirconia


bridal hair swirl for hard to pin hairstyles

Swirls or spirals are an absolutely gorgeous way to decorate braids and buns. Place one or two for a very delicate look that catches the light, or layer in as many as you’d like for something more dramatic. The collection includes:

  • A single pearl swirl
  • A single cubic zirconia swirl 


pearl branch bridal hair accessory

U-pins are the ultimate companion for any bun and updo. They are a necessary feature to keep these styles in place, so why not choose one that elevates the look as well?

The collection features a few different styles of u-pins including:

  • Single pearl u-pin of varying sizes
  • Pearl u-pin with branches 
  • Single cubic zirconia u-pin
  • cubic zirconia u-pin with branches 


pearl bridal headband on gold band

A band can keep your hair from getting caught in your gloss and out of your face and simultaneously completely elevate a look. I absolutely love the look of layered bands for a wedding hair style. The bands in this collection include: 

  • Halo pearl band
  • Single row pearl band 
  • Gold cubic zirconia band 
  • Silver cubic zirconia band


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