How To: Bridal Messy Updo

Posted on September 05 2022, By: Morgan Roy

How To: Bridal Messy Updo

There’s no better feeling than looking back at your wedding photos and still being in love with your hair, trust me! An elevated messy bun is such a great option for brides that want a look that feels wispy and ethereal. I love seeing this style on brides of all hair types, and think it’s a fantastic choice for a hot destination wedding (get the hair off your neck, you’ll thank me later), and paired with dresses that have intricate necklines. 

Of course, you could bring an inspiration shot to your stylist, but it’s also a look that you could try to achieve yourself. The key to really making the DIY option work is to incorporate some kind of accessory that highlights the style. One of my all time favourite looks is a messy updo with Peal U-Pins. These pins make achieving the messy look possible since it holds the hair in place, but adds an element of class that create a wonderful balance against the wispier locks. 

Ready to try it for yourself? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Detangle hair with my go-to grooming brush for a smooth finish. 

Step 2: Separate the hair from centre all the way to centre back. My go to tool for separating is my tail comb! Next, section from the top of the hair to behind the ear on both sides. This will leave a piece at the back of your head that you can turn into a low ponytail. This allows us to work smarter, not harder!

Step 3: Use an elastic cord to create a low pony with the back section you’ve just created. Use your favourite heat protectant on this back section you’ve created. If you’re working with straighter hair, use a curling iron,  flat iron if you prefer, and your tail comb to curl the hair in this back section. To keep the curls consistent, make sure that you’re curling pieces that are similar in size. Hold the curls in place using my aluminum clips. 

Step 4: Turn your side sections into smaller pieces. Separate these sections into layers between the top and bottom, this will make your curling process way less overwhelming. Apply heat protectant again to these new spots and begin to curl away from the face and from the base/root. This will help to create volume, which is great if we are trying to achieve big and bouncy curl. 

Step 5: Repeat everything from step 4 on the other side of your head. 

Step 6: Next, we’ll move towards the top section that you had created. Take horizontal sections (again of similar size) curling the hair away from the face. When getting to the strands right near the front of your face, feel free to play with how you want this piece curled that best suits your face shape. 

Step 7: Once all of your hair has been curled and cooled, you can remove the aluminum clips that were keeping the curls in place and start to rake the curls out with your fingers. Use a very light hairspray to help hold and mold the hair in place. Feel free to use your aluminum clips again to hold your front pieces how you like after you’ve hairsprayed. 

Step 8: Moving to the back of your head, use a wide tooth tail comb to finish smoothing the curls in the back. Use small clear hair elastics to separate the large back piece into three small sections. Wrap the elastic near the bottom of your hair, not near the root. Pin the section that is now in the centre up to the rest of your hair. 

Step 9: Working with the two new side sections in the back, use a U-Pin and weave it through the clear elastics (do this on both sides) and then pin these pieces to the original low ponytail you created. Release the centre piece and sue the same U-Pin technique here. IF you’re hair is very long, you can wrap the hair into itself a little to shorten it. Use some more hairspray in the back section to hold this piece in place. You can now remove the aluminum clips you had holding all of the hair. 

Step 10: Use a strong hold hair spray now across the hair style and feel free to refine baby hairs. And the most existing part, you can now add your beautiful decorative pearls to finish off the look. 

This style is for you, so don’t be afraid to try things that make it feel more unique and authentic to your personality! 


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