Hairstyling tips to make your bridesmaids feel stunning on your big day

Hairstyling tips to make your bridesmaids feel stunning on your big day

We know that all eyes will be on you on your wedding day. But you'll look that much more radiant at the altar with a group of well-styled bridesmaids standing by your side.

While your hair will be the crowning glory of the ceremony, here are some tips to help your bridesmaids find hairstyles that will make them feel stunning on your special day.

To match or not to match?

Many of today's brides are ditching the uniform looks of the past in favour of letting every bridesmaid pick a style that best suits her.

It may be your big day, but every member of your bridal party is going to have their own feelings about how they look. Chances are that asking your bridesmaids to style their hair in a way may not flatter their features won't make for a pretty picture.

We love the "choose your own 'do" trend because it embraces the different hair types, textures and tastes that make your bridesmaids beautiful. You love that your girls each have their own one-of-a-kind look, so why ask them to look the same?


Variations on a theme

If consistency among the bridal party is an important part of your wedding day vision, you can still achieve hairstyle harmony without mandating copy-and-paste coifs.

There are plenty of styles that can be adapted to accentuate each bridesmaid's individual assets.

For example, a ponytail base will look just as gorgeous on your bestie rocking her natural curls as it will on your sister who wants a slicked-back style straight from the runway.

Accessories can also be an alluring tool to tie together an assortment of bridesmaid hairstyles. 

Our Perfect Pearl Pin Set comes in a set of nine to allow each bridesmaid to adorn her look with a touch of timeless elegance, while our Perfect Pearl Swirl Set can be split among five bridesmaids to secure their locks all night long.

Consider and coordinate your styles

You've probably planned to make sure every hair will be in place before you put on your veil. But it's possible some of your bridesmaids haven't put as much thought into their looks, which could lead to last-minute hair fiascos.

Ask your bridesmaids to think about what look they're going for well ahead of the wedding, and ideally, find a picture for reference.

Consult with your stylist to get a sense of how much time they'll have to style each bridesmaid, and encourage your girls to consider those constraints before picking the most complicated bouffant on Pinterest. 

Give your bridesmaids a preview of your wedding locks to help them choose complementary styles. You can even ask them to share their looks in the group chat to avoid unintended copycats, clashing coifs – or worst of all – upstaging the bride.

Bridal suite best practices

We encourage you and your bridesmaids to get as messy as possible during the bachelorette party. But to make sure everything runs smoothly in the bridal suite, your stylist is going to want you to show up with clean and dry hair.

It's not uncommon to hit a few styling snags on the big day, so ask your bridesmaids to do whatever preparation they can to reduce their time in the chair.

You're also going to want to ask each bridesmaid to bring a little extra cash in case their look needs a bit more work.

All it takes is a little bit of planning to make sure everyone shines while walking down the aisle, especially the main star, the bride. 




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