Restoring Curly Hair

Restoring Curly Hair

 We always want what we don’t have right? So many of my curly haired clients spent years straightening their hair with heat tools, but now want to embrace their natural locks.

Thankfully, I have some tips and tricks to help your curls come back to life and make you feel amazing about styling without heat.

Just like with any other transition like eating healthier and exercising regularly, letting your curls come through is also a journey. Enjoy the process as much as you can!

Things to Remember

  • Curly hair is like a spring, so if we use too much tension by pulling too hard, we risk taking the curl right out of the hair!
  • For the best results on your curly haired journey, ask your stylist to trim off dried ends from heat styling for a nice, fresh start. 

Styling Your Natural Curly Hair 

Once you’ve chopped off those dead ends, it’s time to style!

Step 1 - Keeping your hair damp is going to be key in the styling process, so begin by spraying your hair with some warm water, throw on your fave leave in conditioner, and begin detangling with a wide-tooth comb

Step 2 -  Get your hands on the right products, we recommend a 2-in-1 that can both soften curls + keep them in place. Apply the product generously to your still damp hair (either with your head upside down, or in sections), but be sure to be gentle! If using your fingers aren’t cutting it, you can use your wide tooth comb to help distribute and coat the hair evenly. Most people’s hair will be flatter near the back, so be sure to add some extra love there. This is also the right time to choose your part!

Step 3 - When moving away from using heat tools to style, your best friend when it comes to more refined curls will be your fingers and a light weight, no mark clip. Grab a few small sections of hair that could use some extra definition and volume and wrap them around 2 of your fingers, clipping the spiral in place with a clip (this is a pin curl!) . You’ll really want a clip that’s light and doesn’t make to keep the curl as perfect as possible. 

Step 4 - Next, we wait! You’ll be letting your hair air dry, using the natural heat of the outdoors if it’s warm enough, or staying in a warm room. Try not to fidget with your pin curls too much if you can. 

Step 5 - Now that your hair is air dried, you’ll want to slowly remove the clips and gently pull down on your pin curls until you get the intensity of curl you want. You can break up your curls by running your fingers through slowly. If it’s a special occasion and you’d like to add some heat, use a small barrel curling iron to add extra definition and perfection to some places. Finally, use a shine spray (but not too much or it’ll look oily), and enjoy rocking your natural locks! 

Nutrition Advice for Healthy Curls 

I spoke with my good friend and client Natasha Geddes, the founder of the Good Goddess and integrative nutritionist about best food practices for healthy hair. 

“Whatever we put into our bodies is reflected into our skin and hair,” she said. 

Her recommendations are to eat foods rich in vitamin a + e, good proteins, and foods with omega 3 fatty acids. 

Next time you go grocery shopping, add these to your cart:

  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Avocados
  • Coconut + coconut oil

Lastly, get your hands on Powderful, a grass fed collagen created and carried by Green Goddess that’ll have your hair thanking you for it in no time!


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